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Recruitment: CLEEN Foundation calls for calm, dialogue in faceoff between NPF, PSC

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The CLEEN Foundation has expressed deep concern over the ongoing feud between the Nigerian Police and the Police Service Commission (PSC).

In a statement signed by Mr. Peter Gad, the Executive Director of the Foundation on Wednesday, the NPF and PSC were urged to maintain calm and embrace dialogue to resolve their differences.

Gad noted that “the resolution of this dispute is crucial for maintaining the integrity of Nigeria’s law enforcement system and fostering public confidence in the nation’s policing institutions.”

The statement reads, “CLEEN Foundation has observed the ongoing impasse between the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) and the Police Service Commission (PSC) which has unfortunately garnered significant public attention. As an organization, we are disturbed by this development. ‘A family tie is like a tree, it can bend but cannot break’ This African saying clearly explains what we see going on at the moment between these noble institutions. It is a family affair. Both institutions play critical roles in maintaining law and order and ensuring the effective administration of police duties in Nigeria. “A family is like a forest, when you are outside it is dense, when you are inside you see that each tree has its place” The NPF, is responsible for the enforcement of law and order, while the PSC, tasked with oversight and the appointment, promotion, and discipline of police personnel, are pivotal to the country’s security framework.

‘The current faceoff stems from differing interpretations of their respective mandates and jurisdictional boundaries. Both parties need to engage in constructive dialogue to resolve these differences, ensuring that their actions are aligned with the broader goal of public safety and service efficiency.

“CLEEN Foundation urges both the Nigerian Police and the PSC to engage in constructive dialogue to resolve any differences and work collaboratively towards their shared goal of improving public safety and security in Nigeria. We particularly call on the President to intervene on this matter in line with the policy direction of coordination, collaboration, and coordination of agencies of government as well as open communication and mutual respect are essential for effective governance and law enforcement.

“CLEEN Foundation recommends an independent review of the circumstances leading to recruitment challenges. This review should involve key stakeholders and be guided by clear, unbiased criteria. Stakeholders and observers hope for a swift and amicable resolution that reinforces the collaboration between the NPF and the PSC, allowing them to continue their vital work in securing the well-being of all Nigerians.

“CLEEN Foundation remains committed to supporting efforts aimed at promoting peace, enhancing the efficiency and integrity of Nigeria’s policing system, promoting justice sector reforms, accountability, and improving security for all Nigerians. We hereby call on all stakeholders to work collaboratively towards a resolution that upholds the principles of justice and the rule of law, prioritizing the nation’s welfare and working together to address these critical issues constructively.”

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