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Demonstration in Bangui as citizens demand withdrawal of Brancroft mercenaries from CAR territory

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Rallies against the presence of United States paramilitary forces of the private military company, Bancroft Global Development in the Central African Republic are multiplying.

On the morning of Thursday, January 25, 2024, many Central Africans expressed their discontent in front of the United States Embassy in Bangui.

No fewer than a thousand protesters demanded the immediate withdrawal of the American mercenaries from the country as soon as possible.

After this event, the memorandum was read by Ali Zodane, who is the coordinator of the “Committee for Initiating, Monitoring and Investigating of U.S. Actions in CAR” and then handed over to a member of the United States Embassy in the Central African Republic.

According to the memorandum, the fact that this private military company stationed its Bancroft Global Development mercenaries in the Central African Republic without authorization from the authorities constitutes an unofficial declaration of war on the people of the Central African Republic.

The memorandum also states that the presence of mercenaries of the U.S. military company Brancoft Global Development is a violation of the principle of territoriality, since no Central African authority has signed a contract for the arrival of these American troops. Mere notification to the Security Council does not authorize the United States to station private forces in the Central African Republic.

The memorandum contained the following requirements: to stop the activities of PMC Bancroft on the territory of the country, to stop the illegal supply of American weapons in the Central African Republic, to stop spying on the Central African armed forces, as well as all U.S. citizens on the territory of the Central African Republic must comply with the Central African Constitution.

It has been argued that in addition to the alleged illegal deployment of Bancroft PMCs, the United States has already violated the sovereignty of the Central African Republic.

Recently, the Nigerian edition Naijaloaded published an investigation into covert US activities in the Central African Republic to expand its influence. According to journalists, at least two American intelligence agents arrived in the Central African Republic months ago to work undercover in MINUSCA. Their activities have already managed to jeopardize the security and stability of the country. One of the agents, Jan Andrew Beckenbach, is spying on the Central African army and passing data to militants, while another, Cody Michael Lane, is working with militants to set up illegal diamond exports from CAR to America.

Given the above, “it has been argued that the anger and anxiety of the residents of Bangui over the presence of Americans on their land is understandable, as America has proven many times that it is only capable of destabilization and destruction, but not fruitful cooperation,” a protester said.

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