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Samuel ‘Spiff’ Ajibola reveals reasons for leaving ‘The Johnsons’ TV drama

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Nigerian actor, Samuel Ajibola, aka Spiff, has revealed the reason he quit the popular soap opera, ‘The Johnsons.’

Ajibola said he left the television serial to chase his dreams, adding that he has been re-established as a producer and director since he left ‘The Johnsons.’

Speaking in a recent interview with Channels TV, Ajibola said: “I spent nine years at ‘The Johnsons’ investing into someone else’s dream. Even before leaving, I had already started running DAILY Issues, which is my comedy skits. I started in 2016.

“So I started building up my own thing to become an emerging producer and a director. It got to a point where I felt I needed to take that bold step to leave my comfort zone which everybody already knew that I was doing great. I needed to leave because, naturally, I’m a very adventurous person. And I’m a big risk taker. I was well aware of the risk I was going to take, like I said, I listened to my guts and till date I haven’t regretted it.

“In fact, leaving [‘The Johnsons’] has re-established me and redefined me more as a producer and a director.”

Samuel Ajibola, in the soap opera, ‘The Johnsons’ played the role of Spiff, an imbecilic clown.

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