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Chima Christian: Stop calling it insecurity, it’s a war against Middlebelt

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Like many other parts of Nigeria, there may be pockets of insecurity in Nigeria’s MiddleBelt region. But it would be utterly simplistic to describe the entire situation as insecurity. For the most part, what is going on is indeed a warfare of territorial and civilizational proportions. I do not think the rest of Nigeria appreciates this issue as such. I also believe that many Middlebeltans, while possessing a frontline view of events, have not yet pieced it together to see the global picture of the seemingly disparate events.

Without this global picture, it becomes difficult to understand the issues, let alone design effective countermeasures. The very many “ethnic minorities” in the region and their distrust for each other have not helped issues. Forging a common identity, though difficult, becomes necessary.

As I see it, there are three pathways to redemption – the political pathway, the militant pathway and the politico-militant pathway. Each of these pathways will require a great deal of thoughtfulness, collaboration and sacrifice. Each is also prone to hijack or derailment, especially the last two.

It will be recalled that this writer has previously warned that establishment Nigeria will soon find what it is looking for in the Middlebelt region. Before that, I did say that the people of the region will first respond to this existential crisis with the ballot, and eventually with the bullet.

The picture has now become even more distressing. I have been under that mango tree where Nigeria turns its citizens into militants/terrorists. As it stands now, I am not sure the country has more than one electoral cycle before the Middlebelt responds violently. This then offers those interested in the peace and prosperity of Nigeria the incentive to join hands with the Middlebelt to push back on the violent usurpation of their lands and the attempted subjugation of their peoples.

I have prayed for Nigeria, may the leadership and the masses receive the kind of wisdom, tenacity and focus needed to address this issue. May the brazen attempt to violently redraw the map, language and even the philosophical underpinning of the Middlebelt region be met with overwhelming but thoughtful resistance.

There is a resistance coming. It is already afoot. If that resistance is not a product of deliberate design, it will be disjointed, and to the degree of its disjointedness cause more harm than good.

Pray and work for the progress of the land.

Africa’s morning is at hand.

Chima Christian

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