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X-raying one-year in office of Abakalike LG Chairman Stephen Nwagba

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The Chairman of Abakaliki Local Government Council, Hon. Stephen Ebere Nwagba has clocked one year in his political dispositions, exploits in public service which has elevated him to an enviable height.

The ‘Action Chairman’, as fondly nicknamed by electorates is known for his good working relationship with others, open door policy, high level of commitment to official duties, quick intervention to issues concerning public interest, financial prudence, simplicity lifestyle, analytical mindset, passion to human capital development and many more.

These qualities have paved way for his unbeatable track records in his administration within his one year in office.

He has commissioned laudable projects and in the area of solid infrastructure including construction of multimillion naira worth of bridge at Ngele Nwangbor and Ngele Attam Ndiofutu Edda in Edda community, construction of box concrete culvert at Shade Ekori Okpuitumo, Ameji in Ndiegu Okpuitumo Ogbeja, Ngele Nwanjionyi, Okwerike, Uda Mpe, Okpaoji, Ndialo, Onuoguzor Okemini in Ndiegu Okpuitumo, Okwunyirimonu, Okpoji, Onuoguzor Uwanka, Ngele Ikara Okaria Edda and Omege Ephugbo in Ndiegu Okpuitumo.

Others include construction of 5 rooms toilet facilities and overhead tanks at Linus Edeh memorial timber shade, construction of 4 VIP toilet and 2 rooms for security personnel at the Local Government Council Headquarters, Nkaliki, construction of 3 motorized boreholes with overhead tanks at Omege Ephugbo, Ndiechi Okpuitumo, construction and installation of 221 pieces of solar lights from Building Materials to Mbamoko road in Amegu community, construction and installation of 110 sets of solar street lights at Bishop Michael Nnachi Okoro flyover Abakaliki, construction of one storey building market masters’ office at Nkwegu market, renovation and furnishing of Chairman’s Quarters Nkaliki and refurbishing of 500KVA transformer at Nkaliki.

The Council Boss has also worked assiduously to give a facelift to most of the rural roads that were in deplorable condition. Among which include bulldozing, latrating and grading of Nkaliki-Inyirigbada lodge and Obuegu/INEC road Nkaliki, Eze Obeji/Ebia Unuhu road Agbaja village, bulldozing, latrating and grading of 16.8km Shade Ekori, Nwalagba-Nworie Market/Shade Elome road in Ndiegu Okpuitumo, bulldozing, latrating and grading of 1.8km Ameji/Ottam Edda road, bulldozing, latrating and grading of 3.4km Ameji/Ephugbo/Omege road, bulldozing, latrating and grading of 1.2km Nwori Onuoguzor Okemini/Uda Mpe road, bulldozing, latrating and grading of 2.8km Ubia/Onuoguzor Uphere Nwori road, latrating and grading of 3.4km hilltop/ Unagboke Rice Mill road in Agbaja village, bulldozing, latrating and grading of 1. 6km Ephugbo slow/Omege Ephugbo road/Ndiegu Okpuitumo and filling of a deep trench with latrate at Centenary City, Inyimegu Unuphu village.

The Chairman also training over 200 graduates and undergraduates in different skill acquisitions.

The Abakalike Council Boss is also popular for his timely presentation and subsequent approval of 2023 budget appropriation bill which represents the people’s charter of needs for the entire communities in Abakaliki L.G.A.

Nwagba has also appointed over 40 youths into various enviable positions in his government within his one year in office among other notable achievements.

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