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Ekiti people not complaining, Gov Oyebanji doing well – Group carpets PDP caretaker chairman

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The imposed Caretaker Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Ekiti State, Architect Sodiq Oluwole Obanoyen, has been told to face the herculean task of resuscitating his dead political career in his home State, Ondo, rather than carrying on his head a non-existing title of caretaker chairman of the PDP in Ekiti State.

In its reaction to a press statement ascribed to Obanoyen, castigating the Governor of Ekiti State, Biodun Oyebanji, a group in the State, the Ekiti Democratic Coalition (EDC), said it was insulting that it was a failed politician from Owo, in Ondo State that is speaking for the PDP in Ekiti State.

According to its Convener, Comrade Ogunlola Olatunde, the EDC said Ekiti State are not complaining about the performance of Governor Oyebanji because he is doing well. The group added that the imposter parading himself as Ekiti PDP Chairman should rather be ashamed that his Ondo State’s portion of the Ikere – Akure road has become impassable.

Reading that disjointed and poorly written press statement, we in the EDC can not but conclude that such could not have emanated from the real PDP in Ekiti State, which parades highly intelligent and professional media men.

For this, we are not surprised that Obanoyen, the imposter elected to dance naked in the market place of politics by speaking about governance in Ekiti, which he obviously knows nothing about.

If not, he would have seen how committed Governor Oyebanji has been to the welfare of the people.

Just few days ago, workers in the State received backlog of their leave bonus while intervention programs to cushion the effects of the removal of fuel subsidy have kicked off in the State.

Roads are being rehabilitated everyday while new projects as well those inherited by the government are ongoing.

Most importantly, we in Ekiti State who elected Governor Oyebanji are not in anyway complaining. He is doing what we elected him do and we are happy with him.

Obanoyen and his gang of imposters should therefore stop lying to themselves and their Abuja sponsors that they speak for the PDP in Ekiti State. When it is time for Ekiti PDP to speak concerning governance in the State, we know whose voice to expect and respect.

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