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EFCC arrests impersonator defrauding victims in Commission’ name

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In a significant breakthrough, operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have apprehended Mohammed Sani Mohammed, an alleged fraudster who has been masquerading as a personnel of the EFCC, military, and other services. The arrest was made following the commission’s discovery of Mohammed’s fraudulent activities.

According to a statement released by the EFCC on Wednesday, Mohammed was deceiving victims by promising to assist them in resolving their cases with the commission, claiming to provide a soft-landing. These false promises were a guise to defraud unsuspecting individuals seeking help.

The arrest of the imposter came after the EFCC’s Enugu Command received intelligence about his criminal activities. This information was swiftly relayed to the Kano Command, which initiated a thorough investigation. After weeks of surveillance, Mohammed was apprehended, marking a significant milestone in the operation.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the suspect managed to defraud victims of a staggering sum totaling N4.6 million. The EFCC is actively working on gathering additional evidence and information to build a strong case against the fraudster.

Upon completion of the investigations, the suspect will face legal charges and be presented before a court of law. This development serves as a warning to other potential fraudsters who exploit the trust of individuals seeking assistance from government agencies like the EFCC.

In conclusion, the EFCC’s relentless efforts to combat fraud and impersonation have led to the arrest of Mohammed Sani Mohammed, a notorious impersonator. Through his fraudulent activities, he exploited innocent victims who sought help with their cases. The EFCC’s swift action and collaboration between different commands played a pivotal role in capturing the imposter. This arrest highlights the EFCC’s commitment to ensuring the security and trust of the public while sending a strong message to those engaging in fraudulent practices.

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