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Flood takes over Jalingo town: traffic stalled for hours

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Jalingo, the capital city of Taraba state, experienced severe flooding after a heavy downpour in the early hours of Wednesday. The floodwaters engulfed major roads, bringing traffic to a standstill for over four hours. This natural disaster caused significant disruptions for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, affecting the daily activities of residents.

Not only did the flood affect the roadways, but it also inundated essential marketplaces such as the Jalingo main market, Maigwei Bus Stop, Mile 6, and Kasuwan Mbeera markets. As a result, traders and marketers were unable to access their shops, leading to substantial losses in business revenue. The impact of the flood was widespread, with numerous houses and businesses being submerged, resulting in millions of naira worth of damages.

The floodwaters even reached the River Mayo-Gwer, which runs through the heart of Jalingo town. This resulted in the flooding of residential properties, household belongings, and domestic animals. One resident from Agwan Gaadi, located behind the Jalingo main market, reported witnessing the flooding of traders’ properties through the primary drainage system in the area. This unfortunate situation highlights the urgent need to address the indiscriminate dumping of waste into government-built drainage systems across Jalingo.

During an investigation conducted by our correspondent, the Taraba State Emergency Management Agency (TSEMA) office was found to be closed. Therefore, it was not possible to confirm the exact extent of casualties and damages caused by the flood. However, the widespread effects on homes, businesses, and public spaces emphasize the urgency of comprehensive disaster management strategies and the importance of maintaining functional emergency response agencies.

Jalingo’s encounter with the recent flood brought the city to a temporary standstill, disrupting traffic flow and impacting the local economy. The indiscriminate dumping of waste into drainage systems exacerbated the situation, emphasizing the need for proper waste management practices. The closure of the TSEMA office raises concerns about the region’s preparedness and response capabilities during such disasters. It is crucial for the government and relevant authorities to prioritize effective flood prevention measures and establish robust emergency management systems to mitigate the impact of future incidents.

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