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Big Brother Naija: Nigerians Blast Tboss For Failing To Recite National Anthem

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The inability of Tboss to recite the National Anthem on Wednesday has generated mixed reactions.

As the housemates in the on-going Big Brother Naija show lounged around, Debie-rise asked Tboss to sing Nigeria’s national anthem, but she failed to get past the first few lines of the song to the amusement of other contestants.

Although Tboss herself laughed off the incident, she confronted Debie-rise later when they were both alone and claimed she set her up. Tboss also said that her chances of winning the grand prize of N25million has reduced because of the incident.

However, the incident did not go down well with Nigerians, who took to social media to blast the tattooed mixed-race contestant, who they described as “manipulative”.

Some members of her supporters who called themselves ‘Boss Nation’, even threatened to suspend voting for her to win.

See some tweets below:

Skinny Lover @Kuchiiiii: You Tboss fans are annoying. I’m saying you because as from today, I seize to be a Tboss nation. I can’t stand people like this.

Chidi Okereke @Chydee: See Beyoncé singing Nigeria’s national anthem. But you people are making excuses for TBoss. Smh. #BBNaija

IkennaRonald Nzimora@ronaldnzimora:TBoss – Everlasting whiner and victim. Debbie Rise – Everlasting door mat. No wonder they always hang. One sheds tears, the other licks it

That Andy @AndyMadaki: Lol some1 just asked me who to vote for to win #BBNaija. I couldn’t answer with my chest. TBoss is on suspension till she apologise to Debie

UNdirty Niger Delta. @Karibiba: Can you see the pattern? TBoss is never wrong. She can’t sing the national anthem and somehow Debie Rise is to blame ? yeye #BBNaija

Infamous Minded @PRODEEGY: Tboss attitude stinks. What kind of human is this?#BBnaija

Kurt Mink Adesoji @MinkailAdesoji: Efe kept on talking about Tboss’s manipulative skills at every nomination session. The boy knows. #bbnaija

John Ndidi Okonkwo@JohnNdidiOkonk1: Just imagine tboss telling debby-rise that she has ruined her chances of winning as if debby came to roast fish in the house hmmm #bbnaija

Baalè Baroka @Seyi__: I won’t vote in this BBN thing until I am sure my vote will ensure TBoss doesn’t win. She is a horrible character. Manipulative cry baby.

Wale @olawale_babo: I know this is a game buh Tboss is displaying her natural sef. A manipulator and sore loser, always blaming others for her downfall #bbnaija‎

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