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National Anthem: Youths leader reacts to government’s decision

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Dr Mohammad Kassim, leader of all youths association in Nigeria, said President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has written his name in gold by reverting to the old national anthem.

According to Kassim, the old national anthem makes more meaning and better reflects the country’s diversity.

The youths leader, speaking in Lafia, appreciated the president for his decision, saying: “On behalf of the younger generation coming behind, we sincerely appreciate the decision of Mr. President for reverting the old National Anthem.

According to Kassim, who is also a Special Adviser to Nasarawa Governor on political matters, the Nigerian youths are happy having the old national anthem reverted.

“Indeed, the youths are happy with him for his sincere hope and meaningful plans for the next generation. As a matter of fact, the old National Anthem is better considering how meaningful it is, but as leaders of tomorrow, we strongly appeal that the last sentence of the Anthem, “Nigeria may be blessed,” be changed to either “Nigeria shall be blessed” or “Nigeria must be blessed.” That is our passionate appeal to Mr. President.

‘Nigeria may be blessed’ did not give the youths or Nigerians an assured hope but a conditional hope. We should be certain about the future of our dear country.

Speaking further, Kassim urged president Tinubu to make good use of each stanzas of the anthem to better the country.

“I therefore appreciate the decision of Mr President for reverting back to the old anthem .

“We urged Mr President to make adequate use of each of the stanza of the anthem in his renewed hope agenda for Nigerians,” he said.


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