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Southern Brazil’s worst storms claim 29 lives

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Four consecutive days of intense rainfall, floods, and mudslides that hit Brazil’s southern state of Rio Grande do Sulworst released the worst storms that killed 29 people.

This was disclosed by Governor Eduardo Leite, adding that 60 other citizens are missing.

Leite, describing the storms as the worst natural disaster in the state’s history, a top agricultural and livestock producer, stated “Unfortunately, we know that these numbers will rise.”

On Thursday, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva visited Santa Maria, one of the state’s worst-hit cities, and met with Leite.

It was gathered that Lula offered federal funding and aid to address the emergency in the state bordering Uruguay and Argentina.

“There will be no shortage of help from the federal government to take care of health, no shortage of money to take care of transportation and food, everything that is within reach.

“Whether through ministers, civil society, or our military, we’ll dedicate round-the-clock effort to satisfy the basic needs of the people stranded by the rains,” said the president.

With more rain forecast, the governor called on residents, to head for higher ground and stay away from flood-prone areas identified by the civil defense agency.

According to him, 4,400 residents have been evacuated but thousands more are waiting to be rescued from their flooded homes.

A civil defense bulletin said 154 cities have been affected by natural disasters.

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