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Sunday, May 19, 2024

EFCC vs Yahaya Bello: EFCC Chairman Olukoyede Also Running From Contempt Trial?

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Today, the Court of Appeal granted EFCC’s Exparte Motion for Stay of Contempt Proceedings against its Chairman, Ola Olukoyede.

The court adjourned till May 20 for hearing of Motion on Notice.

With the Stay of Proceedings granted by the Court of Appeal, the EFCC Chairman will no longer have to appear before a Kogi State High Court on May 13, 2024, to show cause why he should not be committed to prison for disobeying the Orders of the court until the appeal is decided.

Olukoyede is facing a contempt charge for carrying out some acts upon which the EFCC had been restrained by the Court on February 9, 2024, pending the determination of the substantive Originating Motion.

Justice I. A. Jamil, delivering a ruling in Suit No: HCL/68M/2024 and Motion No: HCL/190M/2024, ordered that “the said act was carried out by the Respondent (EFCC) in violation of the order, which was valid and subsisting when they carried out the act. That same act of the Respondent amounts to Contempt.”

Now the issues:

  1. EFCC chairman was only asked to come to the court on May 13 to explain why his commission acted in disobedience to an Order of the Court.

  2. If the EFCC Chairman was certain that the anti-graft agency did not act in disobedience to the Court Order, why did he rush to the Appeal Court to seek Stay of Proceedings instead of simply going to the Court to explain himself?

  3. Why did the EFCC file EXPARTE MOTION instead of putting all parties on notice?

Now on Yahaya Bello:

  1. Just like the EFCC Chairman, Yahaya Bello opined that he will be PERSECUTED by the EFCC, he went to Court to seek a restraining order against the anti-graft agency.

  2. EFCC appealed against the Court Order and sought a Stay of Execution, but the Appeal Court declined.

  3. Despite the pendency of the court order, armed EFCC operatives invaded Yahaya Bello’s house in Abuja on April 17, 2024. The anti-graft agency went further to declare him wanted and placed him on watchlist.

  4. Appeal against the Court Order was latter withdrawn by the EFCC while another appeal was filed against the April 17, 2024, substantive judgment of the Kogi High Court. That appeal is still pending.

#Like Yahaya Bello, Like EFCC Chairman Olukoyede

  1. For going to court to obtain an order restraining his arrest and trial, the public was fed with the narrative that “If Yahaya Bello was sure of his innocence, why did he go to court to obtain an order?”

  2. But for going to the Appeal Court with an ex-parte motion to stop his Contempt proceedings, what should the public be told about EFCC Chairman Olukoyede?

  3. Hasn’t EFCC Chairman Olukoyede done the same thing he accused Yahaya Bello of doing – Running from trial?

Just asking… As I await more interesting episodes.

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