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Reason Bobrisky won ‘Best Dressed Female’ award at movie premiere – Eniola Ajao 

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Nollywood actress and filmmaker Eniola Ajao has said that the award given to popular crossdresser, Bobrisky as the “Best Dressed Female” at the premiere of her movie, ‘Ajakaju’ recently was a stunt.

Controversy trailed Bobrisky’s announcement as the Best Dressed Female at the movie premiere in Lagos over the weekend.

In her reaction, actress Dayo Amusa condemned the award, saying it was a mockery of the women present at the event.

Amusa, in her Instagram account, wrote: “I was at a colleague of mine premiere yesterday, they said the best dressers are to be picked; one female and one male best dresser. Don’t get me wrong, the winner could be anyone but definitely not a crossdresser. I mean, what’s wrong with us? I don’t understand it.

“I cannot imagine the judges disrespecting every woman that was there. You had to pick a winner, a female best dressed and a male best dressed and you watered the efforts of all the women at the event by giving the best dressed female to a crossdresser. I don’t understand, what is wrong with us?

“If you feel you want to honour crossdressers, you should have created their own category instead of disrespecting women by giving a crossdresser the best dressed female award.”

However, speaking in a recent interview with Arise TV, Ajao explained the reason the award was given to the crossdresser, saying: “It was all jokes. We just want to have fun. We want people to talk about the movie. My team and I decided that it needed to be in the faces of people. So we decided to give the Best Dressed Female award to Bobrisky since he has always been a very controversial person. At the end of the day, people started talking about it but some people are not happy. They started calling out Femi Adebayo who presented the award. He just presented it, it wasn’t his idea, he was not part of the judges. Nigerians shouldn’t slam him, please.”

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