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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Timini Egbuson reveals relationship status, says he’s in love

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Popular Nollywood actor Timini Egbuson has revealed his relationship status and disclosed that he is in a relationship.

Timini made this known while featuring as a guest in the latest episode of the ‘Who’s In My House,’ hosted by Hawa Magaji.

He said his love languages are act of service and words of affection.

The actor also stressed that he wants to be more available to his partner this year.

He said, “My strongest love language is act of service, and also words of affection because I am a good talker. For me, because I am very busy, it’s not very realistic for me to focus on quality time and I feel like that’s something I am working on. Like I said, this year I want to be a little bit more available so that I can spend quality time with my partner.”

The host, Hawa inferred, “You have a partner?”

Egbuson replied, “Yes, actually. Oh my God I said it! I think I am in love. It’s time for me to start considering marriage. I am not a kid anymore. 40 is knocking on the door.”

He added, “In order to be a better boyfriend you have to be available. Because no matter how you tried to explain or compensate with material things, there would be really nothing like your presence, you know.”

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