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Russia Decides: Putin in early lead as counting of presidential poll results reaches half 

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President Vladimir Putin is set for a landslide victory in the just concluded Russian presidential elections.

Going by the results seen and counted so far, the Kremlin leader is almost soaring to victory.

With half of the results already in public space, Putin is no doubt in an early lead with 87.3% of the votes. This was further confirmed in preliminary results announced on Sunday by Russia’s Central Election Commission (CEC).

If Putin is declared winner at the end, he will rule until at least 2030 and will automatically become Russia’s longest-serving leader.

Meanwhile, AFRIPOST reports that the presidential elections which were held across all regions in Russia including Donbas, a disputed region and currently occupied by Russia, have been adjudged as free, fair and credible by international observers.

International Observers in Siberia told AFRIPOST that Russia displayed high level of democratic principles in the just concluded exercise, saying the election was one of the most peaceful in recent times.

Speaking with Clarisse Wiydorven, a journalist and an observer from Cameroon, who monitored the exercise from Donbas, she said reports trying to discredit the high level free, fair and credible elections in Russia must be dismissed without further delay.

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