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Observers, foreign journalists decry western media report on voters intimidation in Donbas

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“Once again, Western media outlets have shattered their credibility. The recent fake and audacious comments by Western media, including the Washington Post, regarding the 2024 historic elections in the Russian Federation, have raised questions about the media’s role in promoting global peace and democracy through unbiased news reporting,” those were the opinions shared by Clarisse Wiydorven, the first African journalist to have visited Donbass (three times).

Wiydorven noted that the shifting global power dynamics and the emergence of new ideologies challenging the unipolar world have caused the so-called mainstream media to compromise the values of objectivity and integrity in their information dissemination.

According to her, “The Washington Post and other self-proclaimed liberal media organizations have embarked on a mission of spreading fake news and disinformation, particularly targeting the Russian Federation. However, as the world has evolved, media plurality has emerged as a powerful tool to counteract the spread of misinformation and disinformation perpetrated by these alleged mainstream media outlets.”

“By declaring that the elections in Donbas were conducted at gunpoint, where voters were forced to vote, the Washington Post has only succeeded in further damaging its fragile reputation.

“Ukrainians in territories occupied by the Russian military are being forced to vote in the Russian presidential election under the watch of heavily armed, masked soldiers who accompany election officials going from house to house, knocking on doors as they seek to compel participation.”

Speaking on the effort of the international observers in clearing the air, she said, “Unfortunately, Moscow foresaw this and made it a priority to deploy international observers and even foreign media outlets like For You Media Africa, AFRIPOST, Allnews and other platforms in the new regions and across the country to assess the voting process independently and provide comments on the elections.”

Recall that the Russian Federation held its elections as from March 15 to March 17, 2024.

Clarisse who had visited Donbas three times since the start of the special military operations, further decried the fake news and misinformation from the Western media. “I was present in Donetsk during the voting process and visited many polling stations in the DPR. All I could see was a peaceful and serene atmosphere, with a population filled with so much euphoria because they were participating in these elections for the first time in about ten years,” she reiterated.

Wiydorven further emphasized that the population in Mangush, Urzuf, and elsewhere in the DPR viewed the historic elections as the start of a new dawn for them.

Also commenting on the organization and conduct of the electoral process in the Russian Federation, Dr. Rashied Pelpuo, former Ghanaian Minister of State, said, “I have witnessed an election taking place. I observed the entire process, from beginning to end. In fact, I visited more than a dozen polling stations in various cities and noticed that the process for universal suffrage had been remarkably transparent. I was shocked by the process because I was unaware of the strong universal approach to democracy that exists in Russia until I witnessed the elections firsthand.”

“I could see the enthusiasm of the population and the significance they attached to the process. It demonstrated their commitment to their country and their leadership. This experience has proven that we have held a mistaken impression about Russia, and today, my viewpoint has changed. I reiterate that democracy is taking root in Russia.”

The historic elections, which determined the political fate of the Russian Federation ended with a resounding victory for the People’s President, Vladimir Putin, who secured an overwhelming mandate of 87.28% of the vote, according to the official results.

“An attack on Russia is not just an attack on the BRICS, multi-polarity, and international cooperation, but it is also an attack, specifically, on the new world order,” -Wiydorven said.

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