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Post-election peace, stability fundamental pillars of democratic process – Gad Peter 

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Gad Peter, the Executive Director of CLEEN Foundation has emphasized that enduring peace, stability and security after general or circle elections are fundamental pillars of democratic process in any given nation.
Mr. Peter made the remarks in a 2 day Post Election Security Management Conference organised by CLEEN Foundation in Abuja on Thursday.
He said in his welcome address, “It is with great pleasure and honor that I welcome you all to the two-day Post-Election Security Management Conference. As we gather here today, we recognize the critical importance of ensuring peace, stability, and security in the aftermath of elections, a fundamental pillar of our democratic process.
“The importance of a peaceful and stable post-election period cannot be overstated. It is crucial for the continued development and progress of our nation. We must work together to identify, address and perhaps eliminate such potential threats to our collective security in future elections.
“In the wake of recent elections, both nationally and across various states, it is imperative that we come together to reflect on the security challenges faced during the electoral period and to chart a way forward towards strengthening our security management mechanisms.
“Throughout the course of this conference, we will engage in rigorous discussions, share insights, and collaborate on strategies to address the myriad of security issues that arise in the post-election period. From ensuring the safety of citizens and electoral officials to safeguarding electoral materials and infrastructure, our discussions will encompass a wide array of topics vital to the integrity of our democratic process.
Moreover, this conference provides us with a unique opportunity to foster dialogue and collaboration among key stakeholders, including government agencies, security forces, civil society organizations, the media, and the international community.
“By working together, we can leverage our collective expertise and resources to develop holistic and sustainable solutions to the security challenges facing our nation.”
Participants in the dialoguing panel included Prof. Chris Kwaja, Country Director, United States Institute of Peace; representative of the Inspector General of Police, CP Mohammed Useini Gumel (Kano State Commissioner of Police); Chairman of Police Service Commission ably represented by Mrs. Ladi Akubo; INEC Chairman, represented by Prof. M.J. Kuna; and other representatives of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).
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