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Ukraine’s donation national disgrace – Peter Obi expresses disappointment

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Mr Peter obi the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, has expressed disappointment in the government following the recent donation made by Ukraine.

According to Obi, the donation by Ukraine is a national disgrace.

The former Anambra State governor further described the gesture as disheartening.

In a recent post on X, Obi wrote: “As laudable as Ukraine’s kind gesture is, it speaks volumes for us as a people endowed with all needed human and natural resources, that a country officially prosecuting a brutal war of national survival with its powerful neighbour, Russia, is generous enough with their food supplies to help us who are officially at peace,” he wrote.

He further stressed the importance of good governance and the need for the government to reorder national priorities.

“It is disheartening that our once economically confident nation, blessed with vast arable land and abundant natural resources, now relies on war-torn Ukraine for food.

“This national disgrace stems from years of leadership failure, necessitating urgent reflection and reordering of our national priorities and resource management and allocation.

“We must aggressively reorder our priorities by investing resources in productive sectors like Agriculture. Addressing insecurity is crucial for farmers to return to their fields, enabling a productive manufacturing sector and supporting small businesses.”

Obi added that if the government followed this strategy, it would lead to a productive and new Nigeria in five years.

He went further to thank the Ukraine government for their generous donation, “This act of human solidarity testifies to a rare generosity of spirit which should earn them greater global solidarity.”

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