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Policeman who bandits killed wife, mother-in-law in Abuja gives graphic details of incident

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The resident of Supol Emmanuel Ogwuche in Jibi, behind Mopol 44 Barracks, Dei-Dei in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) was terribly hit by armed kidnappers on Sunday, Januray 14, 2024.

The kidnappers abducted his nursing wife, baby and mother-in-law after macheting him to coma.

Recall that the abductors later killed his wife and mother-in-law but spared the new-born baby. The sent the baby alive to the police through another victim they had set free.

Narrating his ordeal and those of his family members in the hands of the kidnappers, Ogwuche told that the abductors in their numbers invaded his compound on that Sunday night and forced the door open.

He said before he knew what was happening, they rushed him with machetes and he eventually became unconscious as a result of the severe and deep cut on his right hand.

As Supol Ogwuche regained consciousness in the hospital, he was told the sad news that the kidnappers went away with his wife, weeks-old baby and mother-in-law.

Narrating further, Ogwuche said two days later, the abductors of his family contacted him for a ransom of N100m and he bargained it down to N4.5m. He said he was to take the ransom to the suspected kidnappers the day they killed his wife and mother.

He disclosed that the kidnappers were Fulani but not Nigerian Fulani as they were allegedly communicating in a foreign language.

In another shocking revelation, he said that having raised concern on how to raise the ransom in cash, considering the currency scarcity in the country, the kidnappers were the ones that directed him to one Alhaji in Dei-Dei who gave him the cash upon payment of N30,000.00.

In his words, “I saw them through the window. They are Fulani but I suppose they are not Nigerian Fulani because of the language they were speaking.

“The last thing I could remember was a sound of force on the door and they rushed me with machete cuts and left me in coma, thinking I had passed on. I only regained consciousness in the hospital.

“It was after regaining consciousness that I was told they abducted my wife, my only weeks old child after several years in marriage and even my mother-in-law who came for post-natal care with the joy that her daughter had finally put to bed.

“A day later, I was contacted for ransom and we negotiated from N100m to N4.5m which I accepted to pay within days.

“When I complained about raising the ransom in cash because of scarcity of currency in the bank, they directed me to pay one Alhaji N30,000 in Dei-Dei to give me the cash.

“I got the money ready and waiting for their directive as to where to give them the ransom before they called and directed that I should receive my baby from Gauraki Police Outpost under Sabo-Wuse Police Station in Tafa Local Government Area of Niger State. Later, the police called that I should come straight to Sabo-Wuse Police Station.

“They actually gave my baby to a kidnapped victim, a man they abducted in Suleja, whom they freed after payment of ransom. The victim narrated to the police that the bandits collected the baby from my wife and asked him to deliver to the police and that they were going to call me in the morning to pick the child from Jibi Police Outpost but the man, instead, took the child to the Gauraki Police Outpost for personal reasons. The victim said the mother of the baby, my wife also begged him to make sure the baby was delivered to me. They freed the man with my baby around 1am.

“It was in the morning that farmers on their way to farm saw the lifeless bodies of my wife and her mother before they alerted the Police who went there to evacuate the bodies to the mortuary.

“I’m still in shock because I didn’t know what went wrong that provoked the kidnappers to kill my wife and mother”.

A community member, who pleaded anonymous told that kidnapping for ransom has intensified in Jibi, Tafa LGA of Niger State. Jibi is situated behind the Mopol 44 Barracks, Dei-Dei in FCT. Abduction had continued since May 2020 when seven people were abducted.

The following year, precisely on March 26, three homes were attacked and one Mr. Simon Abah was kidnapped, but was later rescued by security agents.

Two months later, the Chief of Jibi, (Dakachi of Jibi), Chief Dahiru was kidnapped in a midnight attack on his palace. This happened on May 16, 2022. He was later released after payment of ransom.

On October 29, 2022, three homes were attacked and 4 people kidnapped including Victor Bello, a Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, pastor and his house-help, Alex Minga and Chief Obi.

Again, on November 13, 2022, one house was attacked and one person, Mr. Austin Jade was kidnapped.

Similarly, on May 20, 2023, two homes were attacked and one tenant was kidnapped, and just the beginning of this year, 2024, Supol Emmanuel Ogwuche lost his entire family, including his mother-in-law following the invasion of the community.

Despite the incessant attacks on the community, no arrests had been made by the police and no serious police and military mobilization had been done to secure lives and properties.

The police is yet to officially respond to the renewed attack in Jibi community, near Abuja.

Slained Mrs Christiana Igba and her mother, Maria Agbo.
Slained Mrs Christiana Igba and her mother, Maria Agbo.
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