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Ebonyi govt bans use of scale machine at Abakaliki Rice Mill

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Abakaliki Rice Mill Owners Industry Association, in collaboration with Ebonyi government, has begun distribution of genuine bushel for measuring rice, following the ban on the use of scaling machine.

Mr Linus Obeji, Chairman of the Mill Owners, spoke at the inauguration of the approved bushel in Abakaliki on Thursday.

He said that the new measuring device was in line with the Association’s move to sanitize the mill against fraud.

Obeji noted that a taskforce had been set up to check and monitor all shops in the market to ensure compliance with the new order on the newly-introduced genuine bushel.

He said that the millers would punish any defaulter and urged all members to strictly adhere to the new order to boost sales.

”Yes, we acquired genuine market bushels for measuring rice in the market to checkmate fraudulent act. We do not want any fake bushel anymore or use of scaling machines.

“This is courtesy of Gov. Francis Nwifuru’s executive order, demanding an absolute sanity of the Abakaliki Rice Mill. and we stand on this and any member found defaulting the order, will be severely punished.

”Well, the introduction of the new bushel has nothing to do with the price of rice, because it is the market forces that determine the cost of rice. A bushel is exactly the 25-kg we all know which contains 100 cups of rice.

”You know in any business, when the demand is high, prices tend to increase. As of Wednesday, a bushel, 25-kg, was sold between N16,000 and N18,000 depending on the grade,” the Chairman explained.

In his remark, Mr Abel Uzodimma, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Rice Mill, said the order had come to stand in the market and urged all members to adhere to the use of the approved bushel.

”This is an executive order from His Excellency. We have purchased bushels (pans), measuring 100 cups in each while the half contains 50 cups.

”Today, the use of the new bushel have been flagged off and anyone found using scale in the rice mill will be arrested and punished according to the law,” Uzordimma added.

Chief Sunday Oketa, Chairman of Oha Izhi, commended the introduction of the new bushel and urged dealers to obey the order.

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