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Nightlife in Africa, Nigeria transcending global standard – Edoh 

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Popular socialite and showbiz promoter cum businessman, Emmanuel Edoh has said that nightlife in Nigeria and Africa has improved unimaginably, and almost surpassing the global standard.

Edoh who is co-partner of VANITI Lagos and Magic City nightclub in Abuja was addressing some journalists on the secret of his growth in the entertainment business, where he set a fresh agenda for young Nigerians who wish to go into a similar venture.

Acknowledging that nightlife in Nigeria and Africa at large has hit an enviable height, Edoh said Africa is consistently transcending the global standard in entertainment, especially with regards to nightlife.

Agreeing that nightlife in Abuja has improved, Edoh, however, said it is yet to meet the highly competitive Lagos standard.

He said: “Nightlife activities in Nigeria has been good and it’s taking a different dimension lately. Unlike those days when people just go to clubs, drink and then go home, nightlife now has a lot more entertainment besides drinking. You won’t understand this unless you are a patron.The ambiance of clubs and the connection that comes with it speak volume. We are not even talking about the business aspect yet.

Reacting to the competitive status of Abuja as a fast-growing city in nightlife, Edoh said:

“Abuja is competing but Lagos still has more competitors. Abuja has a good market but Lagos has a better market. Nightlife in Lagos is large and huge with regards to business. It is either the market embraces you or dumps you.”

Speaking on the success of their new club, VANITI Lagos, Edoh said partnering with experienced and goal-getter in the person of Uyi Ogbebor also known as Sir Uyi, had inspired him.

He said, ” I’ll say been a partner in Lagos best nightclub VANITI is a great deal for me and my partners and thanks to my mentor in the business, Sir Uyi because he singlehandedly conceived the plans and with joint effort of the team, it’s becoming a great success.

“This is because we’ve brought a large combination of experience, entertainment and vibes to the Lagos market and thanks to Lagosians for accepting us.”

Edoh whose birthday is Saturday reflected on his journey in the showbiz so far, admitting that it was not an easy ride.

According to him: “The journey has never been easy, trust me. This is because the minutes you think you’re there, then boom, the next big thing starts coming to your mind. Trust me, the road to success is not always as easy as it looks. It could be mentally, emotionally, financially and physically tough. It will tell on you.”

Urging young people not to give up on their dreams, he said, young people out there should just do their best. Quoting Maya Angelou, he said, “Just do the best you can until you know better, then you do better.’ Just strive to do better. That’s the only magic.”

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