You are not poor, suffering if you post your photo, video online – Clergy


Senior pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming of Christ Ministries, Adewale Giwa has said that the category of Nigerians who can afford to post their photos and videos online are not in the true sense suffering from hunger and poverty.

Giwa said this in Akure while addressing his members on Sunday.

In his sermons, he said those who truly face poverty and hunger live in the rural areas and constantly engage in farming in order to survive.

He said, “Count yourself out of Nigerians who are suffering from hunger if you can afford the sum of N5,000 to buy data every week.

“If you multiply N5,000 by 4, it gives you N20,000 every month. Do you know that in 5 months, you can save the sum of N100,000 to start a small business?

“Go to the rural areas, farms, markets, etc, to see those who are really suffering. The poor Nigerians are not on social media.

“You come online every day, post your pictures and videos, and still claim that you are suffering. My brother, you are not sincere to yourself.

“Today, our youths have misplaced priorities because they don’t think straight. They would rather stay online from morning till night instead of using their precious time and money for something tangible.”