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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Afikpo LG chairman debunks rumours of imposition of Eze-ogo Itim on autonomous  community

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The incumbent chairman of Afikpo Local government Area in Ebonyi State, Hon. Uchenna Ibiam, has debunked the allegation that he is the brian behind  the current crisis going on in Itim autonomous  community in Afikpo Local government Area of Ebonyi State.

AFRIPOST reports that a group people in the Itim community had petitioned the state Governor Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru alleging that Ibiam was imposing Chief Joseph Mbe  Chukwu on the people as their traditional ruler (Ezeogo) against the wish of the people.

The community recently held an election to elect their traditional ruler in which Chukwu emerged and was duly declared as  Eze-ogo 111of Itim autonomous community.

However, shortly after the declaration, trouble started as, according to the  people of the Community, the election was rigged and manipulated because the said Chief Joseph Mbe Chukwu was not their choice and was not the person they voted for and, hence, was not supposed to be declared as their Eze-ogo.

The declaration and the installation of Chief Mbe Chukwu as winner of the election divided the community  into two factions as a faction believed that Ibiam was behind the pro announcement of Chief Chukwu as the winner. The alleged that Chukwu was Ibiam’s anointed candidate in the election, stressing that the community did not vote for him (Chukwu) and he was not their choice to be their Eze.

However, the chairman, Mr. Ibiam, debunked the allegations against him saying that the allegation is not only misleading but falsehood.

He said, “It has become pertinent to, once again, address some misleading and obviously sponsored publications being circulated on social media, with regards to the peaceful and transparent selection/election of the Ezeogo of Itim Autonomous Community in Afikpo Local Government Area (LGA) of Ebonyi State.

“Recall that on Saturday, September 9, 2023, four eminent sons of Kpoghirikpo, Itim Autonomous Community in Afikpo LGA of Ebonyi State, stood selection/election for the emergence of Itim lll of Itim, including Chief Amicable Mbe Obeni, Chief Okpani Nkama Junior, Chief Oti Ngwu and Chief Joseph Mbe Chukwu.

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