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Akande, UN Deputy Secretary-General, Mohammed in photo as 78th session of the UNGA kicks off

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As the world gears up for the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), which is set to feature a congregation of world leaders and presidents, Former Presidential aide Laolu Akande is on ground in New York.

Laolu Akande, who had previously collaborated with the United Nations on several projects and had interviewed global leaders including a sitting US President before he became a presidential aide, is currently in New York to provide extensive coverage of the high-level week of the UN General Assembly session. The General Debate, a hallmark of the event, serves as a platform where global leaders-Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers & Heads of States gather annually to discuss pressing international issues and chart a course for the future.

In a tweet posted earlier today, Akande who has since returned to being a journalist after 8 years of public service expressed his excitement about returning to covering the prestigious event:

“IN New York to cover the 78th session of the UN General Assembly (High-Level week) opening on Tuesday with the General Debate, where world leaders gather yearly. We are proud of our distinguished sister, @AminaJMohammed, the UN Deputy Secretary-General who is always welcoming us.”

Laolu Akande’s presence at the 78th UNGA session signifies the growing importance of international cooperation and diplomacy in an increasingly interconnected world.

Amina Mohammed, the UN Deputy Secretary-General, has been a prominent figure in global diplomacy, championing various initiatives aimed at addressing critical issues such as climate change, sustainable development, and gender equality. Her welcoming presence at the UNGA session highlights the vital role of the United Nations in fostering international dialogue and cooperation.

As the 78th UNGA session kicks off, the world watches with anticipation as leaders come together to address the most pressing challenges facing humanity. The coverage provided by Laolu Akande promises to offer valuable insights into the proceedings, ensuring that global citizens are well-informed about the decisions and discussions that will shape the future of our world.

It would be recalled that Akande was before he returned to Nigeria in 2015, the longest serving African Correspondent at the UN Headquarters in New York. Recently he shared photos of when he organised and participated in an exclusive interview in 2006 with then Secretary-General of the UN, now late Kofi Annan.

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