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Hope for African musicians as streaming platform announces support

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Mdundo, the foremost African platform for music streaming and downloads, has promised to support African musicians and ensure they receive their deserved earnings.

The platform know for streaming and downloads, also promised bolster artists and overhauling the sector through clear equitable royalty disbursement methods.

It said it’s anticipating a remarkable payout ranging from $1.2 million to $1.5 million in the upcoming year and is leading the charge for artists’ economic prosperity and establishing a framework that ensures legitimacy and sustainable income within the music sector.

“To date, approximately 156,000 African artists have benefited from Mdundo’s innovative payment system, empowering them to earn sustainable incomes from their craft.

“Their dedication to investing in advertising on our platform has yielded a significant influence on the African music landscape, bolstering artists and the platform’s expansion. By acknowledging the vital role of backing homegrown musicians, these brands are setting a remarkable standard for other enterprises to emulate. They showcase their resolute commitment to cultivating talent and enhancing the vibrant African music culture.”

It added that it’s dedicated to creating a thriving ecosystem where artists can flourish, music can thrive, and cultural heritage can be celebrated.

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