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HURIWA applauds Tinubu, NYSC in NDLEA’s aggressive war on hard drugs

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The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has commended President Ahmed Bola Tinubu and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) for their unwavering commitment to joining the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency’s (NDLEA) aggressive war against hard drugs in the country.

HURIWA in a media statement by the National Coordinator; Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, on Wednesday revealed that President Tinubu’s recent speech at an NDLEA event has garnered praise for highlighting the urgent need for effective rehabilitation of drug addicts and the avoidance of stigmatization.

“His call for a people-centered approach to address drug addiction has struck a chord with advocates of drug policy reform, who emphasize the importance of understanding and supporting individuals struggling with drug addiction in their journey to recovery.

“On the one hand, the NYSC, known for its role in national development and youth empowerment, has taken a commendable stance against the scourge of drug abuse.

“Under the visionary leadership of its Director-General, Brig.-Gen. Yusha’u Ahmed, the NYSC has made the fight against hard drugs and cultism a centerpiece of its operations.

“The Director-General’s address to Corps Members nationwide emphasized the organization’s commitment to staying ahead of drug-inspired lifestyles by implementing effective mechanisms to identify and weed out potential drug addicts in their ranks.

“This proactive approach has been hailed as a phenomenal step in the fight against drug abuse and is seen as an excellent example of how organizations can play a vital role in tackling the drug menace”, HURIWA explained.

Also, in a bid to ensure accountability and assess the effectiveness of the NYSC’s counter-narcotics mechanisms, HURIWA disclosed it dispatched a team of drug law legal experts to various states, including Imo, Abia, Lagos, Oyo, Bayelsa, and Kaduna who conducted interviews with Corps Members to evaluate the organization’s efforts in combating drug addiction.

The findings, according to HURIWA revealed that the NYSC has put commendable measures in place to detect and address drug addiction even before Corps Members are admitted into the camps.

“This proactive approach has earned the organization praise and underscores its commitment to creating a safe and drug-free environment for Nigerian youth”.

Furthermore, HURIWA’s Onwubiko emphasized the importance of maintaining the excellent mechanism established by the NYSC to combat hard drugs. He called on all other government agencies to follow the NYSC’s example and integrate robust anti-drug strategies into their operations.

“The fight against drug abuse demands a united front, with all arms of government and civil society collaborating to ensure the success of drug rehabilitation programs and the eradication of drug abuse from Nigerian communities”.

More so, in line with President Tinubu’s vow to support the Marwa-led NDLEA in waging a determined war against drugs, HURIWA underscored the critical need for adequate funding and operational autonomy for the NDLEA.

According to the leading Civil Rights Advocacy Group, such measures are essential to bolster the agency’s capabilities and ensure the success of rehabilitation programs aimed at transforming drug addicts into productive members of society.

The association further lauded President Tinubu’s commitment to prioritizing the fight against drug abuse, which remains a significant public health concern in Nigeria.

Just as addressing drug addiction requires a multi-faceted approach, which includes not only rehabilitation but also prevention, education, and community engagement; HURIWA believes that comprehensive drug rehabilitation programs, coupled with robust drug demand reduction initiatives, can effectively combat drug abuse and minimize its negative impact on individuals, families, and society as a whole.

Therefore, HURIWA stressed the urgency of addressing the growing concern of drug abuse in the country, just as the Group commended President Tinubu’s commitment and the NYSC’s proactive efforts in combating hard drugs, which serve as a model for other government agencies to emulate.

“By collectively taking bold steps and implementing evidence-based drug policies, Nigeria can work towards a drug-free and safer society for its citizens”, HURIWA inspired.

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