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NSCDC launches “Operation No Mercy” to combat oil thieves, pipeline vandals

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The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has taken decisive action against oil thieves and pipeline vandals, initiating “Operation No Mercy” to safeguard the nation’s economy from their illegal activities, which include bunkering and refining petroleum in over 33,000 creeks in oil-producing states.

Commandant-General Dr. Abubakar Ahmed Audi has declared that there will be no more safe havens for these saboteurs. He revealed that NSCDC personnel are already combing the creeks to prevent further illegal activities and protect the country’s resources.

Dr. Audi, committed to making life unbearable for oil thieves in the Niger Delta and across the country, emphasized that the mop-up operation aims to put an end to the colossal environmental damage caused by these criminals, who puncture pipelines to illegally obtain crude oil.

To sustain the fight against oil thieves, Dr. Audi announced the deployment of 10,000 newly graduated personnel who have received training in weapon handling and special tactics over the past two years. This reinforcement is expected to yield positive results in curbing the activities of oil thieves.

During the graduation ceremony, Dr. Audi addressed the new recruits, emphasizing the need to reduce and eliminate oil theft. He made it clear that the NSCDC will relentlessly pursue and bring oil thieves to justice, sending a strong message to vandals to consider leaving the country or face the consequences from the NSCDC.

Highlighting the corps’ accomplishments over the past two years, Dr. Audi mentioned the training of over 10,000 officers and men in Arms and Weapon Handling. He also outlined the establishment of specialized units such as the CG’s Intelligence Squad, CG’s Antivandal Squad, CG’s Marine Squad, RRS, Female Squad, Crack Squad, and the recently formed Safe School Initiative responsible for safeguarding educational institutions from criminal activities.

The NSCDC has not only developed a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) but has also established training schools in Nasarawa, Enugu, and Jos to enhance its operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Addressing concerns about promotion backlogs, particularly for the 2010 and 2012 sets, Dr. Audi assured that the issue is being addressed diligently. While acknowledging the existence of inherited problems, he emphasized that the backlog has been cleared, and efforts are being made to elevate deserving personnel based on available vacancies and the principles of federal character. Dr. Audi appealed for patience and understanding from the affected personnel.

Through “Operation No Mercy,” the NSCDC aims to protect the nation’s resources, preserve the environment, and ensure a safe and secure Niger Delta. The commitment to training, operational excellence, and addressing promotion backlogs demonstrates the organization’s dedication to fostering professionalism, accountability, and the rule of law within its ranks.

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