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AUATWON suspends strike, engages in dialogue with government on App-Based transport workers’ concerns

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In a significant turn of events, the Amalgamated Union of App-Based Transport Workers of Nigeria (AUATWON) has decided to temporarily halt its planned strike in order to engage in productive discussions with the government. The announcement came through a statement released by Jossy Olawale, Chairman of the union’s Media and Publicity Committee, based in Lagos.

Initially scheduled for June 20, the meeting involving the Ministry of Labour and Employment, app-based companies such as Uber and Bolt, and the union has now been rescheduled to June 26. The purpose of this gathering is to facilitate constructive dialogue and address the concerns raised by AUATWON.

Jossy Olawale emphasized that the rescheduled meeting is crucial for meaningful engagement between the involved parties. The Ministry of Labour and Employment, the app-based companies, and the union will come together to discuss the pressing issues at hand.

In light of the upcoming dialogue, the union has made the decision to postpone the strike until after the meeting. This temporary suspension showcases AUATWON’s willingness to explore peaceful resolutions and ensure that all stakeholders have the opportunity to express their perspectives.

The chairman expressed deep concern regarding the challenges faced by workers since the significant increase in fuel pump prices, which escalated by a staggering 300%. This sharp rise has had a detrimental impact on workers’ ability to deliver services effectively.

The removal of fuel subsidies has placed an enormous burden on earnings, resulting in a loss of over 200% and adversely affecting living standards and capacity. AUATWON recognizes the urgent need to address these issues and seeks to find sustainable solutions through open dialogue and cooperation.

The decision to suspend the strike demonstrates the union’s commitment to pursuing a constructive path forward. By engaging in meaningful discussions, AUATWON aims to address the challenges faced by app-based transport workers and work towards creating a more favorable environment for their livelihoods.


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