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President Tinubu attends Paris Summit on new global financing pact

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President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has arrived in Paris, France, ahead of the Summit on New Global Financing Pact, hosted by President Emmanuel Macron. The Nigerian president was warmly received at the airport by Ambassador Kayode Laro and other high-ranking officials from the Nigerian Embassy and French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. President Tinubu’s visit is aimed at participating in a two-day summit that focuses on restoring fiscal space to countries facing financial challenges, mobilizing innovative financing for climate-vulnerable nations, and addressing the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and energy crisis.


On Wednesday, President Tinubu is set to receive detailed briefings from Ambassador Laro, Permanent Secretary Adamu Lamuwa, and other officials regarding Nigeria’s position on the summit. These briefings will cover scheduled sideline meetings with world leaders and representatives of multilateral institutions. The summit, scheduled for June 22nd and 23rd, aims to explore opportunities for countries to regain financial stability, especially those burdened with high levels of debt. Additionally, it will seek innovative financing solutions for nations affected by climate change and struggling economies grappling with the consequences of the global health crisis.


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