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Rev. Chris Okotie breaks silence, envisions new Nigeria on 64th birthday

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Former presidential candidate and staunch restructuring campaigner, Rev. Chris Okotie, has emerged from his silence since the May 29 presidential inauguration. In a statement released in Lagos on Sunday, Okotie’s media adviser, Ladi Ayodeji, highlighted the Cleric’s concerns about pressing national issues and his vision for a revitalized Nigeria.

Okotie emphasized the need to recognize the futility of expecting a new Nigeria to emerge from a political system plagued by corruption, duplicity, and electoral misconduct. He criticized the current presidential system of governance, labeling it a hydra-headed monstrosity. Regardless of the outcomes of the ongoing legal battles between political parties, Okotie believes that meaningful change cannot be achieved within this debilitating system.

The Cleric urged Nigerians to display the willingness and courage to abandon the cyclical pattern of political disaster and leadership deficit. He asserted that embracing aboriginal democracy is the only way forward, calling for decisive action while the opportunity for positive change still exists. Failing to do so, according to Okotie, would demonstrate mindless illogicality and clueless ineptitude.

On his 64th birthday, Rev. Chris Okotie painted a hopeful picture of Nigeria on the verge of a transformation, likening it to standing at the brink of the River Jordan, awaiting an Aquarian miracle to guide the nation into the promised land. He expressed unwavering faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Nigeria, assuring that divine intervention would pave the way even in seemingly impossible situations. Okotie encouraged Nigerians to remain steadfast, emphasizing that delay should not be misconstrued as denial.

Rev. Okotie concluded by reaffirming his commitment to pursuing his dream of restructuring Nigeria, advocating for what he terms Aboriginal democracy. With an unwavering determination, he aims to create a path for a renewed Nigeria, where true democracy thrives and the nation’s potential is fully realized.

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