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Troops kill 58 terrorists, arrest 57, rescue 39 captives as 743 surrender

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In a remarkable display of military prowess, the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) announced that troops operating in the North East and North West regions of Nigeria have made significant gains in the fight against terrorism. Over a span of two weeks, the troops successfully eliminated 58 terrorists, apprehended 57 suspected terrorists and logistics suppliers, and rescued 39 kidnapped civilians. In a surprising turn of events, a total of 743 terrorists and their families voluntarily surrendered to the troops during this period, marking a significant blow to the insurgent groups.

According to Major General Musa Danmadami, the director of Defence Media Operations, troops of operation Hadin Kai in the North East dealt a heavy blow to Boko Haram and Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) terrorists. They neutralized 20 terrorists, captured 7 suspects, and arrested 40 logistics suppliers and 15 members of notorious criminal gangs. The troops also made additional arrests of drug peddlers, kidnappers, and collaborators of the terrorists.

The recovery of a substantial cache of weapons and ammunition showcases the effectiveness of the operations. The troops seized 14 AK47 rifles, one G3 rifle, six dane guns, and various other firearms. They also uncovered explosive devices, grenades, and ammunition rounds. In addition to weapons, significant quantities of food supplies, household items, vehicles, motorcycles, and cash amounting to over N11 million were confiscated. These discoveries will undoubtedly disrupt the terrorists’ operations and severely hinder their ability to sustain their activities.

In the North West, troops of Operation Hadarin Daji continued their relentless pursuit of the terrorists. They eliminated 38 terrorists, apprehended 10 suspects, and successfully rescued 24 kidnapped civilians. The troops recovered a substantial number of firearms, including AK47 rifles, ammunition rounds, and other equipment used by the terrorists. Furthermore, they seized motorcycles, mobile phones, radios, and even livestock that were likely being used to sustain the insurgents’ activities.

All recovered items, arrested suspects, and rescued civilians have been handed over to the appropriate authorities for further investigation and necessary actions. The success of these operations reflects the unwavering commitment of the Nigerian military in safeguarding the nation and protecting its citizens from the threats posed by terrorists.

In related news, the air component of Operation Hadin Kai conducted several strategic air operations against terrorist enclaves and logistics networks. These targeted airstrikes further degrade the capabilities of the terrorists and disrupt their activities, ensuring the continued advancement of counter-terrorism efforts.

The combined efforts of the ground troops and the air component are playing a crucial role in securing the affected regions and creating an environment of safety and peace for the people. The Nigerian military remains resolute in its mission to eradicate terrorism and restore stability to the nation.


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