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Police commissioner takes operation to criminals in Kwara forests

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In a bold move to combat rising criminal activities, the Commissioner of Police in Kwara State, Mr. Paul Odama, led a tactical operation into the forests surrounding Baruten local government area. Criminal elements have been exploiting these forested areas as their hideouts, causing fear and insecurity among the local population. Let’s delve into the details of this operation and its significance in the fight against crime in Kwara State.

Mr. Paul Odama, the Commissioner of Police in Kwara State, took charge on Tuesday as he led the Command’s Tactical Team units into the forests within and around Baruten local government area. The objective was to flush out criminal elements who have been using the forests as a base to carry out their unlawful activities. The targeted areas for the operation included Ilesha-Baruba, Gwanara, Okuta, Kosubosu, and Yashikira communities, where recent incidents of terrorizing the local population have been reported.

Okasanmi Ajayi, the police spokesperson in Kwara State, confirmed this development. He stated that Commissioner Paul Odama and his team embarked on the operation to pursue and apprehend the alleged criminal elements who have been hiding in the forests. The tactical units meticulously combed the forested areas within and around Baruten LGA, aiming to restore peace and security to the affected communities.

The need for this operation became evident following recent attacks by gunmen in Baruten local government area. These criminals not only caused fatalities but also looted valuable possessions, including cash and phones. The first attack occurred in Gure community, claiming the life of one person, while the second incident took place in Boriya community.

AbdulRasheed Lafia, the chairman of Baruten local government area, confirmed the tragic loss of life during the attack in Gure community. The rising incidents of criminal activities in the area prompted the Commissioner of Police to take decisive action and lead the operation personally. By directly involving himself in this crucial endeavor, Commissioner Paul Odama demonstrates his commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the residents of Kwara State.

The initiative led by Commissioner Paul Odama showcases the dedication of the Kwara State Police Command in tackling criminal activities head-on. By conducting a tactical operation in the forests surrounding Baruten local government area, the police aim to eliminate the criminal elements responsible for causing fear and insecurity. The operation serves as a clear message that law enforcement authorities are actively taking steps to restore peace and protect the local population. With the police commissioner leading the way, this operation signifies the commitment to maintaining law and order, fostering a safe environment for all residents of Kwara State.

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