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FCTA’s strict action: Health facilities face closure over substandard services

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In a bid to ensure high-quality healthcare services in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), authorities have taken a firm stance against health facilities that fail to meet the recommended standards. The Private Health Establishments Registration and Monitoring Committee (PHERMC) recently conducted a thorough three-day monitoring tour of health facilities in Abuja, with the intention of sealing off any facility found to provide substandard services or services beyond their approved scope. Let’s delve deeper into this initiative and its implications for healthcare providers in the FCT.

Led by Dr. Abubakar Ahmadu, the Director of Medical and Diagnostic at the Health and Human Services Secretariat of FCTA, the monitoring team’s objective is to ensure that registered private health facilities in the FCT operate according to the approved services they are registered to provide. During the inspection, it was observed that some facilities continue to maintain the expected standards. However, one facility was found to be offering services beyond its registered scope, leading to the sealing of its operations.

Dr. Ahmadu emphasized the administration’s commitment to the residents of the FCT, stating that any facility failing to deliver optimum services will face closure. The goal is to protect the public by ensuring that healthcare providers adhere to the approved standards and do not compromise the quality of care offered. This initiative aims to safeguard the health and well-being of the residents and maintain the integrity of the healthcare system in the FCT.

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) is taking proactive measures to uphold high standards of healthcare delivery in the FCT. Through the strict monitoring and potential closure of health facilities providing substandard services or services beyond their approved scope, the FCTA aims to improve the overall quality of healthcare available to the residents. This move underscores the commitment to ensuring that healthcare facilities in the FCT adhere to the recommended standards and deliver optimal care to the community. By taking decisive action, the FCTA aims to create an environment where residents can confidently access reliable and high-quality healthcare services.

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