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2nd Niger bridge to ignite economic growth in South/East, says Governor Soludo

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Anambra State Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo has hailed the commissioning of the Second Niger Bridge as a transformative milestone that will fuel prosperity and economic development in the South East region. During the official handover ceremony, Governor Soludo expressed his excitement over the long-awaited infrastructural advancement and emphasized the significance of this project in driving growth. Let’s explore his remarks in detail.

Governor Soludo, speaking at the commissioning ceremony held at the Asaba, Delta State end of the bridge, lauded the completion of the Second Niger Bridge, now named the Muhammadu Buhari Second Niger Bridge. He emphasized that this infrastructure initiative marks a fundamental shift that will unleash new waves of economic opportunities for the South East region. The governor’s remarks highlight the region’s long-standing desire for enhanced infrastructure and the positive impact it will have on the local economy.

In addition to the Second Niger Bridge, Governor Soludo emphasized the importance of four other major projects in the region. These projects include the dredging of three channels to provide the South East with access to the Atlantic, the construction of the Anambra-Lokoja Road, the gas pipeline, and the railway line. The governor expressed his gratitude for the completion of the Second Niger Bridge, highlighting it as a significant accomplishment and a step toward meeting the infrastructural needs of the region.

Governor Soludo acknowledged President Buhari’s dedication to infrastructure development and praised the Minister of Works, Babatunde Fashola, as “Mr. Infrastructure.” He thanked the President and the Federal Government for their commitment to completing the project, recognizing its critical importance to the region. The governor’s gratitude reflects the collective appreciation of the South East for this crucial infrastructure development.

Governor Soludo’s remarks at the commissioning of the Second Niger Bridge emphasize the transformative impact this infrastructure project will have on the South East region. He commends President Buhari and the Federal Government for their dedication to infrastructure development and expresses gratitude for the completion of this critical project. The Second Niger Bridge is set to stimulate economic growth, provide better connectivity, and fulfill the long-standing infrastructural aspirations of the South East.

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