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Police apprehend 2 Kuje prison escapees in Adamawa

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In a significant breakthrough, the Adamawa State Police Command has successfully apprehended two escaped inmates from the Kuje correctional facility. Atiku Ibrahim, aged 37, and Adamu Ibrahim, aged 40, were among the over 500 inmates freed by terrorists during an attack on June 5, 2022. The command’s crack squad diligently tracked down these fugitives who were on the wanted list, leading to their arrest. The escaped inmates, who were involved in cattle rustling and other criminal activities, had been evading capture. Let’s delve into the details of their capture and subsequent confessions.

The arrested individuals, Atiku Ibrahim and Adamu Ibrahim, were taken into custody by the Adamawa State Police Command after their escape from the Kuje correctional facility. These notorious inmates were part of a mass breakout orchestrated by terrorists, resulting in the release of over 500 prisoners. However, the diligent efforts of the command’s operatives and their crack squad paid off, leading to the successful capture of these escapees.

Following their arrest, Atiku Ibrahim and Adamu Ibrahim were subjected to thorough interrogation. During this process, they admitted to being in the Kuje correctional facility since 2021, where they were held on charges related to arms dealing. They further confessed to their escape into Adamawa State and their involvement in various criminal activities, including cattle rustling. The authorities are now equipped with crucial information that will aid in ongoing investigations.

CP Afolabi Babatola, the Commissioner of Police in Adamawa State, wasted no time in taking decisive action. He ordered the immediate handover of the captured escapees to the Nigeria Correctional Service (NCS) in Adamawa State for further necessary action. This step ensures that the escapees will face appropriate legal consequences for their actions, ensuring justice is served.

The successful arrest of Atiku Ibrahim and Adamu Ibrahim, two escapees from the Kuje correctional facility, marks a significant achievement for the Adamawa State Police Command. These individuals, who had managed to evade capture since their escape during a large-scale prison break, were apprehended through the relentless efforts of the command’s crack squad. Their confessions shed light on their involvement in criminal activities, including cattle rustling. With their handover to the Nigeria Correctional Service, justice will be pursued, and the safety of the community will be further reinforced. The Adamawa State Police Command remains committed to ensuring the security and well-being of its residents.

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