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Woman remanded in Kirikiri prison for assaulting Police officer in Lagos

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A Lagos resident, Ms. Olufunmilayo Brioluwa, has been arrested, arraigned, and subsequently remanded in Kirikiri correctional facility for assaulting a police officer in Lagos. This incident occurred during a “stop and search” operation in the Oyingbo area of Lagos.

According to Ben Hundeyin, the Lagos State Public Relations Officer, Brioluwa assaulted the police officer by forcefully grabbing his uniform and shoving him with a sense of impunity. The officer reported the incident, leading to Brioluwa’s arrest and subsequent legal proceedings.

During her arraignment at a magistrate’s court in Eti-Osa Local Government Area, Brioluwa pleaded not guilty to the charges filed against her. However, the police prosecutor requested that she be remanded in prison for 21 days pending further investigation.

Magistrate Alao M.O granted the prosecutor’s plea and ordered Brioluwa’s remand in Kirikiri Prison until June 6, 2023, when the next trial is scheduled to take place.

Assaulting a police officer is a serious offense that warrants legal consequences. The law aims to uphold the integrity and authority of law enforcement personnel while ensuring the safety and security of citizens. By remanding Ms. Olufunmilayo Brioluwa in Kirikiri Prison, the court is sending a clear message that such acts of violence against police officers will not be tolerated.

It is essential to respect the authority of law enforcement personnel and adhere to their instructions during routine operations. Any grievances or concerns can be addressed through appropriate channels to ensure a peaceful and lawful resolution.

The case against Ms. Olufunmilayo Brioluwa will continue to be investigated, and she will have the opportunity to present her defense during the upcoming trial. The judicial system will ensure a fair and impartial process in determining the appropriate legal outcome based on the evidence presented.

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