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Monday, June 17, 2024

Imo PDP accuses Gov Uzodimma of judicial fraud, challenges legitimacy

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State has made a scathing accusation against Governor Hope Uzodimma, alleging that he came into power through judicial fraud rather than by the will of God.

In a press release issued by the party’s publicity secretary, Hon Collins Opurozor, the PDP expressed its disappointment in Uzodimma’s recent claim that his ascension to the governorship was divinely ordained. The party emphasized that Uzodimma lacks moral integrity and sincerity, and it had expected him to at least refrain from spreading blatant lies and blaspheming God from the sacred altar. The PDP further stated that a leopard cannot change its spots.

According to the party, Uzodimma was declared the winner of an election in which he had minimal participation and ultimately secured a distant fourth position. The party asserted that he assumed power through a diabolical conspiracy and a grave case of judicial fraud, making it the worst in Nigeria’s history. The consequences of such dark forces reigning in Imo State are evident, with bloodshed, fire, weeping, and misery plaguing the region. The PDP highlighted that Satan’s character involves giving with one hand and taking away with the other.

Recalling the aftermath of Uzodimma’s controversial judicial victory, the PDP referenced Justice Nweze of the Supreme Court, who lamented that the decision to impose a governor on Imo State would forever haunt Nigeria’s electoral jurisprudence. Imo State continues to be associated with judicial travesty in the country. Justice Nweze noted that during the election tribunal, Uzodimma himself admitted to hijacking result sheets from electoral officials and fabricating results from 388 non-existent polling units without indicating the votes of other political parties. The Supreme Court, without sufficient evidence of meeting constitutional provisions, declared Uzodimma the winner.

As a party, the PDP reminded Uzodimma that the God he mocked is not an advocate of fraud, criminality, and injustice. The fraudulent means that brought him to power have turned Imo into a hotbed of violence, suffering, deprivation, and hopelessness. The PDP argued that he cannot claim to have been installed by God when under his leadership, Imo State has experienced bloodshed and deteriorated across all aspects of governance and quality of life.

The party called on Uzodimma to cease using God’s name to celebrate what they consider to be an abominable truncation of democracy and the usurpation of the people’s mandate in Imo State. The PDP affirmed that Imo’s covenant with God will be fulfilled on November 11, 2023, under a PDP-led administration, which aims to restore peace, heal wounds, provide relief to the masses, tackle insecurity, revitalize the economy, and create a safe environment once again.

Responding to the accusations, the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Hon Declan Emelumba, stressed that the judiciary serves as the hope of the citizenry and administered justice correctly by declaring Uzodimma the winner. He regarded the opposition’s claims as a temporary distraction, stating that the governor is focused on delivering the dividends of democracy to the people.

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