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LP Crisis: Abure declares himself National Chairman amidst court order

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Julius Abure, the National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), has affirmed that he remains the national chairman of the party, despite the leadership crisis the party is facing. He made this known when civil society groups and supporters of the LP in FCT visited his office in solidarity.

Abure, who has been with the party for 20 years, stated that he has paid his dues and remains the legitimate national chairman of the LP. He expressed concerns over the court order of FCT High Court on the party’s leadership crisis, stating that they have complied with the court’s restraining order before the three rulings.

However, he is ready to go for an appeal since the substantive matter has not started. He believes that the Court of Appeal will do the right thing, and the party will get justice. He promised to file all the necessary papers before Monday and urged his supporters and members to remain calm.

Abure stated that the Labour Party is a democratic institution, and it is wrong to use a coup de’tat or backdoor tactics to grab leadership. He accused Apapa and his co-conspirators of being paid by their paymasters to take over the leadership of the party. He urged all party members to disregard them and remain focused.

Abure recounted the party’s progress under his leadership, stating that he inherited a party in arrears of salary payment and with no image. Still, he has made it the number one party in Nigeria. He challenged other national chairmen of other parties to perform better than him, but none of them could match his records.

Abure reassured his supporters and members that the party would continue to provide leadership and defend its cases in court, House of Reps and senatorial cases, and presidential election tribunal to the end. He encouraged them not to be intimidated or harassed, stating that the Labour Party is poised to take over the presidency of Nigeria.

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