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FRSC advocates Shari’a law to prosecute traffic offenders in Bauchi

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The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Bauchi State is calling for the introduction of Shari’a law to prosecute traffic offenders and reduce road crashes in Nigeria. The sector commander, Yusuf Abdullahi, emphasized that current laws are not strong enough to curb negative behavior by motorists and other road users.

Abdullahi believes that the incorporation of Shari’a law will instill discipline, promote respect for traffic rules, and encourage safe road habits among motorists. It will also reduce reckless driving and decrease the number of ugly scenes on the road. He notes that the present law is working, but the extent to which it works is vital.

The introduction of Shari’a law will ensure that guilty parties and their families are held responsible for any crash they cause. If the driver loses their life in the crash, the vehicle owner would be held responsible for failing to check the vehicle before giving it out.

Abdullahi stresses that the offender is not alone in bearing the penalty, as Sharia law equally brings in the family members. The conventional law only looks at the immediate happening, while Shari’a law looks deeper and appeals to attitudes and conduct to the final end.

With the implementation of Shari’a law in traffic rules, many road users, especially in Bauchi State, will think twice before breaking traffic rules. People’s bad behavior will be curtailed, leading to safer roads. It will also lead to a society where relatives and friends guide their relations in terms of what to do or not to do.

The incorporation of Shari’a law in traffic rules is a welcome development. It will create safer roads, reduce reckless driving, instill discipline, and promote respect for traffic rules. With the adoption of Shari’a law in traffic rules, many road users in Bauchi State and Nigeria at large will enjoy safe and stress-free driving.

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