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Blake Resort boss, Akunedozi fulfills scholarship promise to 100 Abuja less privileged students

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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the popular Abuja home of social life, Blake Resort, Mr. Uzochukwu Akunedozi has fulfilled his promise to give Abuja less privileged school children scholarship.

Group photograph of staff and students with Mr. Uzochukwu Akunedozi

Akunedozi, while marking his birthday with Abuja widows on 3rd April 2023, announced the award of the scholarship to alleviate the burdens of family responsibilities on the widows and other less privileged parents in Abuja.

Uzochukwu Akunedozi disbursing scholarship funds to Abuja less privileged students

The Blake owner also, on his birthday, offered himself to the suffering widows in Abuja for adoption as their son from that day onward to enable him take good care of them like a successful child should to his biological mother.

Uzochukwu Akunedozi disbursing scholarship funds to Abuja less privileged students

Upon receipt of the list of beneficiaries from the representative of the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), Yunusa Amadu Yusuf who was assigned to collate the names of the students from parents and schools, Akunedozi visited the schools of the awardees to disburse the scholarship to the students before the schools’ management and fellow students on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

Mr. Uzochukwu Akunedozi walking to one of the selected schools with friends

The scholarship covers all expenses throughout the beneficiaries secondary school level.

Presenting the scholarship to the students, Akunedozi appealed to the students never to ask or bother their parents again about their school problems all through secondary school.

He added that the students should, from that day onward, see him as their elder brother and asked them to feel free to ask him anything about their school whenever need arises instead of asking their parent(s).

Mr. Uzochukwu Akunedozi with one the schools’ Principal in her office.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries separately, the principals of the schools, Mrs. Hawawu Muib Olaniyan, GSS Jikwoyi Dabgana FCT Abuja; Mrs. Ngozi Onugwu, GDSS Karu FCT Abuja and Mr. Aso Hycienth, GDSS KABUSA FCT Abuja thanked Mr. Uzochukwu Akunedozi for his benevolence and philanthropical gesture.

Mr. Akunedozi presenting scholarship fund to a less privileged student


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