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Olumba-Obu speaks against same-sex marriage, urges journalists to protect human rights

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The spiritual leader of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, His Holiness, Olumba-Obu, has spoken out against same-sex marriage, stating that it is against the command of God. In an interactive session with journalists in Calabar, the religious leader also called on journalists to protect the rights of underprivileged members of society, as they are the conscience and mirror of the society.

Olumba-Obu expressed his displeasure at the advocacy of same-sex marriage, criticizing those who advocate for the practice under the guise of freedom of choice. He questioned if those advocating for same-sex marriage would have been born if their parents had engaged in the same practice.

The clergyman further stated that most of the freedoms proclaimed today are deeply rooted in falsehood, and journalists should not turn themselves into purveyors of falsehood. He called on individuals not to allow the practice of same-sex marriage, as it is alien and runs contrary to the divine laws of God.

Olumba-Obu urged journalists not to hide under the guise of philosophical and academic arguments to deny the truth, stressing that, “when something is true, there is no need to balance it.” He applauded Nigerian media practitioners for serving as the mirror and conscience of society and called for the protection of societal norms and values, as well as human rights, so that the weak do not get oppressed by the affluent.

He further commended journalists who have been imprisoned, intimidated, and abused over the course of their careers for doing their jobs. The clergyman urged them not to relent but to continue doing good, as such commendable works are pleasing to God and attract divine rewards in due course.

By speaking out against same-sex marriage and advocating for the protection of human rights, Olumba-Obu has shown his commitment to the promotion of societal norms and values that align with divine laws. Journalists have a vital role to play in protecting the rights of the underprivileged, and they must continue to do their job without fear or favour, as it is pleasing to God.

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