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Bandits free 74 kidnapped victims after N6m ransom payment in Zamfara

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In what appears to be a glimmer of hope amidst the insecurity challenges bedeviling Nigeria, reports have it that 74 out of the 185 persons abducted by armed bandits in Wanzamai Village, Tsafe local government area of Zamfara State, have regained their freedom after payment of N6 million ransom to their abductors.

According to a resident of the village, the bandits released the captives, killed two, and kept several others in captivity. The victims were transported in vehicles and taken to a private hospital for medical treatment since many of them could not walk properly after their ordeal with the kidnappers. It can be recalled that on April 7, armed bandits had abducted 185 persons from Wanzamai Village, mostly women and children, and demanded N50 million ransom for their release.

Despite the state commissioner for security, DIG Mamman Tsafe (rtd), rejecting the bandits’ condition to withdraw soldiers deployed to the community, the kidnappers still released the 74 victims, leaving 85 others still in captivity. The Wanzamai community leaders had earlier released the names of the kidnapped residents in a bid to counter the state police command’s claim that only nine persons were abducted in the village.

The insecurity situation in Nigeria has reached an alarming level, with banditry, insurgency, and other criminal activities on the rise. The federal government has been under pressure to find a lasting solution to the problem, but the situation seems to be getting worse by the day. Despite the efforts of the military, police, and other security agencies, bandits, and other criminal elements continue to carry out their nefarious activities in different parts of the country, leaving in their wake sorrow, tears, and blood. The release of the 74 kidnapped victims is a relief, but there are still 85 persons in captivity, and the state government needs to do more to secure their release. The government must also work harder to prevent such incidents from happening in the future, as no society can thrive under such a state of insecurity.

The release of the kidnapped victims in Zamfara is a positive development, and efforts must be made to ensure the safe return of the remaining abductees. The government must also step up its efforts in addressing the insecurity challenges in the country to guarantee the safety and security of all citizens.

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