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Shell affirms investment in Nigeria’s deepwater space, renewable energy initiatives

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Shell, a leading energy company, has affirmed its commitment to its operations in Nigeria and denied exiting the country. Instead, the company is deepening its investment in Nigeria’s deepwater exploration and production, as well as its renewable energy initiatives. Speaking as the sponsor of the ministers and head of delegation dinner at the 6th Nigeria International Economic Summit (NIES) in Abuja, Shell Nigeria’s General Manager, Commercial, Hans Nijkamp, confirmed that the company is working on several exciting projects that will soon be operational.

One of the key projects for Shell in Nigeria includes several gas and pipeline projects aimed at utilizing Nigeria’s vast gas resources to meet energy demand for domestic industrial development and export to generate much-needed revenue for the country. With the world’s urgent and long-term energy demands, Nijkamp sees opportunities for Nigeria to quickly utilize its vast gas resources. Nigeria’s growing population also requires accessible and affordable energy for industrialization, electricity, and other developments, and Shell has projects to help meet these opportunities.

Shell Nigeria also disclosed its continued focus on its renewable energy space with All On, indicating its commitment to clean energy sources. The company sees the renewable energy sector as a potential growth area in Nigeria and is investing in it to support the country’s transition to a low-carbon future.

Shell reiterated that it is not taking any actions regarding the onshore portfolio review in compliance with the Supreme Court’s order to maintain the status quo. The company’s relationship with Nigeria remains strong, and it continues to focus its investment on Nigeria’s deepwater exploration and production, as well as its renewable energy initiatives.


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