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Nigeria Police go digital with central motor registry

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The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has recently announced the reactivation of its Central Motor Registry (CMR) unit with a digitalized system. The CMRIS is a mandatory registration of vehicle information by the Central Motor Registry, which has been done manually for about seven decades, leading to several challenges. The digitalization of the system has equipped the NPF better to handle stolen vehicles and vehicle-related incidents.

The first phase of the digitalized Central Motor Registry Information System (CMRIS), the Stolen Vehicle Report Portal, was flagged off by the inspector-general of police (IGP) Usman Baba on December 7, 2022. The platform ensures obtaining additional information from the public about stolen vehicles and populating the stolen vehicle database to prevent stolen vehicles from being registered by the CMR. It also aids in the investigation of stolen vehicles and vehicle-associated incidents.

The NPF has directed the discontinuation of manual processing and issuance of all CMR documents/certificates. The force has migrated to the digitalized NPF CMR platform, which provides motor vehicle information for robust and proactive actions in crime prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution, and efforts toward enhancing national security.

To access the new CMR services such as Motor Vehicle Information, Change of Ownership, Change of Engine/Chassis/Body, Change of Colour, International Motor Vehicle Certificate, and International Drivers’ Permit, vehicle owners and members of the public are required to create a profile on the CMRIS portal via

All CMR certificates issued by the Nigeria Police Force are no longer valid/recognized, and the public is urged to cooperate with the police to make the most of the digitalized CMR platform. The platform will provide vital motor vehicle information for proactive actions toward enhancing national security and effective crime prevention, detection, investigation, and prosecution.

In conclusion, the Nigeria Police Force’s digitization of the Central Motor Registry Information System (CMRIS) is a welcome development that will significantly enhance its operations, leading to better results in preventing and fighting crime. The public is encouraged to take advantage of the digitalized CMR platform to ensure the safety and security of their vehicles.


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