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PDP youths group raise alarm, calls for sack of “selfish leaders” over anti-party 

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The Peoples Democratic Party’s youth group, PDP Young Democrats, has accused party leaders and stakeholders of being selfish to the detriment of the party.

The group in a statement signed by about 37 members of the party and others requested among many others, the immediate suspension of those who worked directly or indirectly against the party in the just concluded elections.

It said many leaders of the party went after their own selfish interest as against working for the overall success of the party.

The statement tagged, “The Peoples Democratic Party: Way Forward reads:

“THE PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC PARTY (PDP): WAY FORWARD This submission is critical at this time to leaders of our esteemed party. Our party is facing a pivotal moment in its corporate existence and to most of us young people, if the right decisions are not taken, it may be farewell to the once regaled ruling party of Nigeria. We recognize this pivotal moment to be an opportunity for growth, hence this sincere submission by PDP YOUNG DEMOCRATS. We are a unified group of young people that have continuously galvanize support for our party by spreading the gospel of our democratic ideology among the new generation of young people to consolidate the administrative effort of our esteemed leaders. We are not a perfect party, but what sets us apart is our ability to admit wrongs and correcting them. This submission also serves as an introduction of who we are within the party.

“We are made up of professionals from every walk of life, and will be bringing to the our professional and political experiences to contribute adequately towards the betterment of the party.

“We seek nothing but operational improvements, more public acceptability, and solidifying our democratic credentials as a political party.We are facing a poor public perception, selfish interests amongst members overriding the interests of the party, non-recognition of the efforts of many hardworking party members, insufficient media work, a reactive and not proactive leadership and an elitist politics mentality. We have to be more welcoming a party, eliminate the perception that PDP is a party of the arrogant and the rich, and pursue aggressively disciplinary actions against members when need be.

“Prominent leaders of our party have placed their personal ambitions ahead of the common interest of the party. The concept that leaders must win regardless of the expense to the party simply works against the party during elections. This damages the reputation of the party.

“The just concluded elections is a testament to this politics of selfishness.The party must rethink its operations: Having desperate and selfish politicians causing problems for the party must be a thing of the past. We cannot have these set of politicians who, out of personal ambitions, help crumble the most Pan-Nigerian political party in the history of country.

“The concept of the word “Peoples” in the title of our name shows that the founding fathers of our party envisioned a party that will be pro-people and not pro-leaders. It shows that the concept of “Peoples” in our party is to carry every region, religion and ethnic race along during decision making. The concept explains the reason of the founding fathers.

“Every member is equal and must be respected as an equal contributor to the affairs of the party. Our party is not a business-like profit making venture, It is a place where the people – regardless of class or creed – decide everything for her.The concept of “Democratic” in the lexicon of our party was intentionally carved out too.

“Our founding fathers envisioned a party that will be Democratic in the choice of candidates, Democratic in the way leaders are disciplined, Democratic in our in-house activities and so on. Today, the concept of the word “Democratic” has become just a word mouthed without meaning. Our leaders cannot abandon the Democratic tenets of our party recognized in our Constitution and resort to battling itself through the media and casting the party in bad light. The party cannot bow down to mischief makers from within.

“This should be unacceptable and must stop. We cannot jettison the vision of the founding fathers of the party. Leaders of the Party must not embrace absurdities, and must align with the vision of the party, where fair play and best practices are encouraged and seen implemented.

“A case in point is, a situation where the National Secretary of our party, Senator Nnaemeka Anyanwu is contesting for a gubernatorial election, while retaining and carrying out duties as a national officer should be frowned upon. He should resign and focus on his gubernatorial election Nigerians are watching and have seen the party deteriorate because of the egos of people that should naturally uphold the Constitution of our party which they swore an oath to.

“Another development is the consistent removal of our Party National Chairmen through the courts simply because some paid elements at the ward level are used to desecrate the office of the national chairman of our party when the Constitution is clear on the mode of discipline for our party National chairman and members of the National Working Committee.These are evident norms in recent times in our party that self acclaimed strong men within the party can galvanise themselves to throw the party in the mud.


“Nigerians have seen these acts as reasons for losing their trust in the once trusted party of Nigerians. We’ve communicated and engaged Nigerians on daily bases and the gist of all these conversations is that our party is losing trust of the people because of the image we’ve seen thrown at the public. We love this party deeply and genuinely want the party to stand out as a beacon of hope to the yearning desire for good leadership.


“We cannot allow enemies of the party and enemies of our founding fathers throw their efforts in the mud. We are seeking a rejig of the inner workings of our party so the younger generation are aptly captured by way and means of a succession plan that is holistic and reflects the reality that they are the future of the country PDP must work for her members and must work for Nigerians because it is the only competent vehicle to liberate the nation from the hands of the failed ruling party. Any attempt to forsake our counsel will lead the party to ruins.OUR DEMAND: Immediate resignation of Senator Nnaemeka Anyanwu as the party’s National Secretary, having indicated interest to contest for Imo state gubernatorial election and screened for same position. It is in the best interest of fairness and due process that a member of the NWC contesting for an executive position should recuse himself from the organ of the party responsible for supervising the process. Immediate call for the convergence of the National Executive Council (NEC) meeting to discuss and ratify decision on the permanent replacement of the erstwhile National Chairman, Sen. Iyiorchia Ayu in line with the constitution of our great party.


“A holistic disciplinary action for every member of the party that has undermined the supremacy of the party either privately or publicly regardless of whatever position they hold within the party.Aggressive pursuit of party membership. Online membership registration should go into effect immediately. We need to capture the young, energetic demographic as much as possible.We hereby demand for the immediate review of the just concluded presidential election to determine what we did right; what went wrong and what we must do going forward. This report is expected to be made available to all party members and recommendations strongly highlighted. “

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