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Philanthropist denies cult financing accusation

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Chief Joseph Ologbo, a philanthropist and respected Chief in his village, has denied accusations made by the police that he is a financier of a cult group named ‘Aro Bagger’. In a statement to journalists, Ologbo debunked these allegations and narrated the mistreatment he received in police custody.

Ologbo, who had recently flown into Nigeria to see his family, was arrested at a hotel where he had stopped to buy food. He was then beaten and interrogated by the police who claimed he was using an unlicensed gun to kill in the town. Ologbo was subsequently taken to Sapele main station where he was isolated for five days.

During his time in custody, Ologbo’s reputation was greatly damaged. He was insulted, embarrassed, abused, oppressed, and intimidated by the police. He is now seeking justice for the heinous oppression he experienced at the hands of Nigerian police.

Ologbo’s legal team is hopeful that justice will be served and that the judiciary, which is the last resort for citizens, will deliver justice in this case. They are also seeking redress for the inhumane treatment that Ologbo received.

This incident highlights the ongoing problem of human rights violations in Nigeria and the excessive, brutal forms of torture, harassment, and intimidation used by Nigerian policemen. If citizens remain silent and succumb to these heinous acts, human rights violations will continue to plague Nigerian society.

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