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Tinubu: Hatred for Nigerians will double globally 

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The hatred for Nigerians will double across the globe if Tinubu is sworn-in as the nation’s president, a former governorship candidate and stalwart of the Peoples Democratic People, PDP, in Lagos State, Babatunde Gbadamosi has predicted.

Gbadamosi, a supporter of the Labour Party and its candidate, Peter Obi in the presidential election raised some key issues why he thinks such will be the situation under a Bola Tinubu government.

“If you think Nigerians are hated now, wait & see what happens when Nigeria inaugurates someone plagued with serious allegations of IDENTITY THEFT (a crime with which Nigerian fraudsters in the diaspora have long been associated), as well equally serious allegations of laundering the proceeds of the narcotics trade,” Gbadamosi posted on Twitter.

“For starters, the hitherto unofficial profiling of Nigerians at foreign airports will become official government policy across the world, & the UAE & Turkey have already begun to move in that direction. Nobody wants potential drug dealers & identity thieves in their country, and humanity loves to have scapegoats.

“International trade for Nigerians will become a problem, as Nigerian Banks will suffer serious trust issues with their foreign partners. If they manage to remain on international payment system platforms like Visa and Mastercard, cards issued by them may be rejected across the world, for fear of fraud.

“Letters of Credit & wire transfers from Nigeria will suffer credibility problems and may be rejected in some countries, or subjected to far greater scrutiny than normal.

“Sportsmen & women will be subjected to greater scrutiny than usual,with particular regard to doping.

“These measures may precede official sanctions from governments across the world, just from a world determined to insulate itself from an apparent culture of the normalisation of open corruption and impunity in Nigeria

“The authorities must think carefully, because when things get to this point, the money they’ve stashed away in foreign climes, even those in the Middle East or other African countries formerly considered to be friendly may become unreachable and therefore useless to them.

“I hope those who constantly refer to politics flippantly as a “game”, will attain just enough sobriety after reading this to pull back from the edge of the very high precipice they’ve dragged the country to, lest it dashed against the very jagged rocks at the bottom of the cliff.”

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