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You cannot conceal the heinous crimes of your party on Osun people with brazen falsehood, Osun PDP tackles APC

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The Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has counseled the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) to own up to its evil deeds against the people of the state, noting that no amount of falsehood will wash away the stain of bloods of innocent citizens that taints it.

The PDP admonition, which was contained in a statement signed by the Caretaker Chairman of the party in Osun state, Dr. Akindele Adekunle, came on the heel of the latest propaganda of the APC to cover for its humiliating loss in the recently held legislative seats election in the state, impressing on the erstwhile ruling party in the state to be honourable enough to accept the fact of its rejection by Osun people.

According to Dr. Adekunle, the APC should be ashamed at itself for choosing lie as a strategy for its pronounced rejection by the people of the state at two consecutive polls, stating that the PDP victories are derived through the free will of the people at the ballot.

“As usual, the lifeless APC in Osun state have taken to outright falsehood to cover for its woeful loss at the polls. While we are not surprised, we are somehow perturbed at the lack of honour that seem to define the characters in that forsaken party,” the statement noted.

“The APC is forsaken in Osun and this much has been demonstrated by the people in the last three elections held in the state. Rather for the APC to accept this plain truth, it choose to manufacture lies and innuendos in its devilish way of misrepresenting situation.

“It is important to note that the PDP does not need thug or resort to violence to win election when it already has the people of Osun state right behind. It is the APC that adopted violence in a bid to force itself on the people, but couldn’t be successful as Osun people refused to be cowed.

“Before the February 25 presidential and national assembly elections, the APC recklessly import thugs from different parts of the country into Osun and use them to terrorize citizens. From Ikire to Ife, Osogbo to Ila, members of our party suffered vicious attacks from APC thugs and unfortunately lost no fewer than eight members as a result.

“In the build up to the March 18 House of Assembly election, the APC unleashed deadly attacks on PDP members across Osun to the extent that thugs under the direction of the party murdered Wole, our member in Ifetedo, barely two days to the election.

“Even more, the APC Organizing Secretary in the state, Rashidi Adeniji, shot Gani Gele, a PDP member to death in Ila local government on election day. If anyone is walking on blood, it is the APC, that has taken to killing, maiming of PDP members in the desperation to force itself on Osun people.

“We find the narrative of the APC on the murder of Gele watery and despicable. It is ridiculous that the APC failed to recognize the enormous pain of the loss of Gele going by the brazen lie it choose to cover the crime of its chieftain.”

The PDP described the APC as sore losers who will always want to cling on anything to explain away its failure, dismissing as blatant falsehood that the Police or the INEC aided the PDP in securing the overwhelming victory in the two consecutive elections held in the state.

“It is delusional, to say the least, for the APC to hold that the Police and the INEC made the victory of PDP possible. Anyone who followed the two elections will find this claim not only absurd but idiotic, because it is a public knowledge that the Police actively aided the APC desperation to foist itself on Osun people,” he noted.

“Even as we speak, the Police is hounding our members ostensibly on the instruction of the APC. The public will recall the consistent alarm by the PDP in the build up of the elections on how the APC tried to use the Police to intimidate, harass and victimize leaders and members of our party. It was so bad that we had to secure a court injunction to protect our leaders and members from the unjust treatment.

“So, the claim of the APC does not make sense, and further exposed them to the whole world as nothing but propagandist and cheap blackmailer. Our simple advice to the APC is for it to disembark from its evil ways and instead accept the reality of its rejection by the Osun people, not peddling falsehood to deceive Nigerians.”

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