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Rivers Guber: Amaechi calls Wike, thief of state wealth, asks voters to support APC

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On a rising trend of attack, former Minister of Transportation and erstwhile Governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, has called on Rivers people to come out on March 18 election day, vote and stand to protect their votes, stating that it was the only way to put a stop to Governor Nyesom Wike’s alleged stealing.

Amaechi spoke on Wednesday, during his campaign visit to the popular Mile 3 Market in Port Harcourt, and electoral wards in Ikwerre and Etche Local Government Areas to canvass votes for the APC candidate.

He said, “Wike is tribalistic. Wike does not even support Ikwerre people, Wike supports only himself and his pocket, and his garrulous mouth. We will win. You need to come out and vote and make us win. People are tired of Wike and his stealing. And I’m not joking when I said Wike drinks 50 million naira worth of whiskey a week. He has no shame, he is like a mad man. If he has shame, he would not have gone on national television and say when Atiku was demonstrating at INEC office, he was drinking 40 years old whiskey. Is he well?

“If he takes me to court, I will still call him a thief. Wike can never take me to court for libel. It’s so easy to prove. I will show his properties, let him tell us how he got the money to build those properties. He is taking me to court for corruption, see a thief taking someone to court,” Amaechi said.

“Wike is not our problem, you are the problem. If he comes here now (with money), you start dancing. If Wike gives you 10 million naira and when you give him power, he steals 1billion naira. Wike has abandoned everything, schools, health centres, just to make money. We cannot continue like that. In Rivers State, Wike is the contractor and all the money is in his pocket.

“If there’s one man who have developed Elele, I am one. I did the internal roads of Elele, I gave your children contracts for water, so if you don’t have water, don’t blame me. They put the money in their pockets. All of them are now in PDP. I built your primary schools and they were free of charge. I built your Health Centre. I made sure you had light. I hear for 4 years now you have no light. How will your economy grow? And your people are still queuing up and following Wike about.

“You know, if I were to be governor and you told me you have no light, I will send people to come and find out why you have no light. If it is transformer, the next thing, I’ll buy the transformer. But instead of Wike to buy the transformer, he is putting the money in his pocket. And if you know me very well, what I would have done was, I would have called Elele people, ‘take this money, go and buy transformer, install it in Elele.’ That way, the money goes to Elele people, the light also goes to Elele people. But instead of Wike to do it, he will send himself.

“I told you people, I know these thieves, they worked with me. One loves power and can kill his mother for money. Me, I love my mother more than money and power,” he said.

“Let’s concentrate on voting out Wike and his child (Sim). When they say Amaechi brought a candidate (Tonye Cole), I barely see him. He is an independent minded person, but Wike brought his child. So Wike is just supporting somebody that will just be bringing money for him to be consuming and spending outside government house. Wike can’t survive without money. So go all out, mobilise in your Wards and let’s win this election. I will be here, I am not going to Abuja. If Wike wants to kill all of us, let him kill us,” Amaechi stated.

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