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Nollywood actor, Fadeyi Oloro is dead

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Veteran Nollywood actor, Ojo Arowosafe, popularly known as Fadeyi Oloro, is dead.

Fadeyi Oloro
Fadeyi Oloro

The actor gave up the ghost Tuesday after an incurable illness.

The details of Fadeyi’s death are still sketchy as of press time.

The actor was born September 15, 1957. He was 66 before his death.

Actor and comedian, Bayegun Oluwatoyin aka Woli Arole, shared the news via his Instagram account saying, “So happy I reached out to you sir, so happy we played our part, so happy we laughed together, so happy we were able to show our support. Rest in Peace the Legend ‘Fadeyi Oloro’.

“Let’s check up on people when dey (they) are alive. Let’s show love when people can feel. Let’s help when it can be seen.”

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